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How to: Audi A4 B8 2.0 TFSI CAEB SWAP TO CPMA / CPMB
Here are just some reference pictures. I did this project with no air tools. I made a few of my own tools, mainly because some of the Audi specific tools were on back order.

I reused the crankshaft position sensor, Aux bracket, HPFP injectors, fuel rail, intake manifold assy (throttle body), and the Purge Valve from the CAEB engine.

Update 11/15/14: I have a little of 2000 miles since the engine swap. I've had one rough start in a early cold morning, then the following morning it started just fine. Not sure it's from the poor winter gas.

Next, you want to remove the front wheels and slide them under the car for extra safety.
I didn't show how to remove the front bumper/grille because there a million how to's on the forums. You will need to loosen the front part of the fender wells to gain access to the screw and two bolts on each side.


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